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Our Mission

"The Seedley and Langworthy Trust's mission is to support and represent local people in the long term regeneration of the Seedley and Langworthy area and to develop community enterprise in partnership with key agencies to meet local needs and create a sustainable organisation."

Brief history

Our old shop 151 Langworthy road

The Seedley and Langworthy Trust (SALT) is a community alliance which was set up in 1997 to develop effective links between those who live and work in the Seedley and Langworthy areas and partners in the public and private sectors.

SALT has developed a strong track record of working directly with the community, responding to individual and group needs in a compassionate and understanding way. One of the main aims of SALT has been to make sure that local people's views, thoughts, fears and aspirations for the future are listened to at the most influential levels. The organisation is a trusted and innovative body, willing to voice the opinions of local people and of local issues affecting the wider community and work with partners to deliver lasting change.

Seedley and Langworthy is typical of many older inner urban areas of industrialised cities. It has its history in the 19th Century manufacturing industry and associated terraced housing. The age and lack of demand for this type of property had led to physical decline, a slump in house prices and high levels of people wanting to leave the area.

Unemployment rates in the area are higher than the Salford and national averages, with particularly high rates of youth and long term unemployment. The area also suffers from high crime rates, with burglary and juvenile nuisance identified as specific problems. With the addition of low incomes, poverty and debt through negative equity; these issues compounded to create an area of isolation, fear and deep-rooted social exclusion for many individuals.

Following a visit to the area in April 1998, the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw, called for a comprehensive Action Plan for the regeneration of Seedley and Langworthy. Following considerable consultation, participation and discussion, a plan was prepared which culminated in the area been awarded resources from Round Five of the Single Regeneration Budget.

Our new shop 191 Langworthy road

Although we still occupy office premises on Langworthy Road, our resource centre is located at the New Emmanuel Centre just opposite our SALT premises. From our community resource centre, we offer advice and guidance to local residents on a diverse range of matters including housing and benefits, employment and training opportunities, environmental complaints, and regeneration queries.

Over the years we have successfully delivered community based research projects, which have involved recruiting and training local community members to work as fieldworkers, researching and consulting the local community. This is delivered by our Research & Development Consultancy (SRD) set up in 2004 as a result of the Trust's track record in delivering community research and community consultation projects.

The Seedley and Langworthy Trust is registered in England and Wales, Company No: 3698794 Company Limited by Guarantee.

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